So Happy I Chose Dr. Domanskis

Before having my breast augmentation I consulted with several Plastic Surgeons. Each one had a different suggestion for what I needed. (lift/no lift...etc.)

Dr. Domanskis explained in very simple terms exactly what I could expect with each different procedure and together we decided what was right for me.

I liked having a choice in MY surgery. I felt comfortable knowing he had so much experience in this procedure.

I have been very happy with my results, and I am now considering body contouring to complete my "Mommy Makeover".

Gave Me Exactly What I Needed and the Results Are Fantastic

I couldn't think of anything they could have done better. I chose Dr. Domanskis after a few other consultations with other surgeons who took me up on the laundry list of procedures I THOUGHT I needed, maybe just to get a quick buck.

Dr. Domanskis, however, told me what was what, and encouraged me to try the cheek lift before anything else, which saved me a lot of money. Dr. Domanskis told me I didn't need all of that work and solved all of my problems with one quick, minimally invasive procedure: the cheek lift.

He had great bedside manner and thoroughly explained everything. The nurses were great on the day of surgery when I had some pre-surgery jitters, and went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable the rest of my time there.

Better Than Any Other Doctor out There

After trying other doctors for this treatment, Dr. Domanskis, who I found out about by reading around online and asking friends and family, I can say this is the best experience I've had in 10 years of annual Botox treatments. Now my sister uses him too and she feels the same. I've tried four doctors total, 2 dermatologists, 2 plastic surgeons, and I usually get the treatment about once per year. Dr Domanskis was my most recent and most wonderful experience of all. He was quick and thorough, and he made the process relatively painless, both physically and financially. The only con might be the drive to his office from my house, but it was absolutely worth it. The closer doctors just don't compare.

Natural Facelift and C02 Lazer Treatment

Truly see Dr D if you are fearful of any type of procedure he is the best and rest assured you will get your moneys worth and an honest opinion and a fabulous result.

Breast Implants Were the Best Investment EVER!!!

Dr. D is one of the top surgeons! His experience shows in the work he performs. I waited a very long time for my breast augmentation and he exceeded all of my expectations.

Wonderful Job

Dear Dr. Domanskis and Staff,

Thank you for doing a wonderful job on my surgery and all of your assistance in my post surgery care! Thanks again.



Dear Dr. Domanskis and Staff,

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. P.S. Thank you again for your responsiveness and caring. Happy New Year.


Wonderful Doctor / Good Friend

Dr. Domanskis,

Thank you again. I am enjoying wearing my earrings in my cute, little custom ears. You are not only a wonderful doctor, but also a good friend.


I Appreciate the Great Job

Dear Ed,

Thank you so much for taking care of me. I hope you know how much I appreciate the great job you have done. My breast has healed beautifully and life is becoming normal once more. You have a beautiful family.


You're the Best

Dr. Domanskis,

I felt so much better after your telephone call on Thursday. Thank you for all you do for me. You are the best!

L. Z.

So Supportive

Dear Dr. D., Rachelle and Pam,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful flower arrangement. It was the first thing I saw when I arrived back at the hotel yesterday. It was such a beautiful splash of color, it certainly raised my spirits! You have been so supportive during this whole process, beginning to end. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Truly an Artist

Dr. Domanskis,

Both my husband and I believe you are truly an artist at what you do. The many things you have done for me, the face lift, brow lift and ears all contribute to making me look many years younger than I looked previously. I totally love what all that did for and my husband loves it too. And now the lips too make me look even younger, and I am quite hopeful and confident that by the time a year has come and gone that they will look even better. Also, I would imagine that raising lips like that is probably one of the most difficult surgeries that a doctor could undertake, and I admire your talent in this most difficult surgery.

So please feel 100% appreciated, because you really are, not only for your great talent and for what you do, which is totally awesome, but even better than that, because of the person that you are.


Thank You, Thank You!

Dr. Domanskis,
Thank you........ Thank you..........
Thank you!
I love my cheeks.
You're the "Best!"

Expertise, Compassion and Professionalism

Dearest Dr. Domanskis,
Thanks for your expertise, compassion & professionalism.
Kind Regards,

I Love the Results

Dear Dr. Domanskis,
Words cannot express to you how grateful I am for the care you gave to me.
I love the results and want you to know that you will be my doctor for life!
Thank you for going the extra mile for the house visits.
Again thank you for doing a fantastic job and for being so kind!
You are wonderful!

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